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Information disappears from contacts - PLEASE ADVISESupport

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  1. Tx155

    Tx155 New Member

    Hello to all,

    I have an HTC ONE X, with Android 4.1.1 (but I had the described below issue also with previous versions of Android 4).

    For several months now, I have the following issue: Information disappears from my contacts! Peoples' phone numbers disappear (don't sure about other information), while other information, like: what's up and gmail accounts remains. :confused::(

    The result is, that I can't call to those contacts (since their phone numbers do no longer exist under their contacts). If I click on such contact, I only can see its what's-up/gmail information (if there is such information).

    I can't say for sure, but I noticed this issue after installing LOOKOUT (a security application for android). Unfortunately, if I uninstall this application, I can't access my emails anymore, so I had to reinstall it..

    It should be mentioned, that: (i) under contacts, all sources are checked (SIM, phone, google, what'sApp etc), and (ii) I didn't hack\crack my OS, I use the original Android which came with the device.

    I am helpless, and considering buying an iPhone..

    Please advice, thank you.

  2. ryancmatchett

    ryancmatchett VIP Member VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums TX!

    Looks like you have found a great place to make sure to get more information on your particular device.

    One quick question for you, hoping we can all help you out. If you log in to your Gmail on a PC/desktop, is all of your contacts information there? I have changed the way I store my contacts info... I always load the info or at least verify that I have stored it online in my Gmail. That way it's backed up, not always solely on my device, and available from anywhere. And Gmail is already part of what your device searches and displays.

    Good luck and again Welcome to AF!
  3. Tx155

    Tx155 New Member

    Thank you for your reply ryancmatchett!

    If I log in to my gmail account, then I only can see there a small part of my contacts (because mostly I don't save my contacts in my gmail account). I guess, that this is some kind of bug. Maybe I should try to move all my contacts to a single platform (gmail or my device) and this way, to avoid possible conflicts.. It is so annoying :(

    By the way, how can I copy/move all my contacts to Gmail or to my device ?

    Thank you.
  4. ryancmatchett

    ryancmatchett VIP Member VIP Member

    Just a suggestion, but here is how I did mine...
    Inside of the People or Contacts app on your phone, find the menu button and Import/Export, export to storage, either copy the file from your phone to your pc, or email it to yourself. Then on the PC go into Gmail, and import contacts using that file.
    Because other apps like What's app or Facebook, etc, sometimes store new contacts on your device, you might want to follow that process every once in a while, just make sure they are all safe and online. I always make sure my phone settings have the Setting-Accounts-Google and then choose your account, and make sure that Contacts is checked... Just to make sure everything stays backed up online, and not only on your device.
    Hope this helps!
  5. Tx155

    Tx155 New Member

    Thank you ryancmatchett.

    I found the option to export/copy all my contacts. As you said, I will try to copy all my contacts to my Gmail account, and then to see if the problem still occurs..

    By the way, I found another person who has the same problem.

    Thank you.

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