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  1. cwhite803

    cwhite803 Member

    first of all, hello everyone!

    second, huge thanks to giantpune for the apk root and kernal, leslie ann for harmonia, and everyone else for their hard work.

    third, my question.

    i switched from the optimus v about a week and a half ago. i was just about to get a nexus 7 tablet until i read that it doesn't recognize ad-hoc networks, which is all i can seem to get from the OE. :mad: now i regret selling my OV.

    anyone know how to wireless tether to a nexus 7 using an OE? i really want one but this is a deal breaker.

  2. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    This should work.
  3. cwhite803

    cwhite803 Member


    any disadvantages to a bluetooth connection vs wifi? speed, number of devices that can connect, battery drain, etc...?

    this gives me hope. now just waiting on the 32gb nexus 7 :p
  4. cwhite803

    cwhite803 Member

    ok then, i will attempt to answer my own questions.

    first off, this pdanet method kinda works. chrome works, play store works, but a lot of apps don't recognize this type of connection. so thats really annoying.

    also i can't get the laptop to connect this way. keeps telling me the drivers for the phone aren't installed even though i've installed them like 3 times now. thats really annoying.

    anyway, speed is pretty good. can't tell a difference. i can't connect more than the nexus, so i don't know if multiple devices are supported. battery drain seems about the same.

    so if you are thinking about getting a nexus 7 (or any android tablet?) and an elite, and you already have an OV, stick with the OV. at least until someone figures out how to get infrastructure mode working.

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