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    Nov 14, 2012
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    hey everyone, so I dropped my phone earlier today, nothing too bad (i have dropped it worse before). Anyways, After I picked it up, it stopped showing any signal. I figured I was just in a bad spot, but after a couple of hrs of moving around and getting no kind of signal (or 4g connection), I figure something must be wrong.

    Turns out the phone isnt reading my sim card. When i go to select a data network in "Mobile Networks" section, it tells me I have to insert a sim card. Similarly, if i remove the sim card, nothing changes on the phone, as if it was never there.

    Is there a quick fix to this (am I missing something), or do I have to bring it to AT&T / Best Buy, and get it replaced.

    Thanks for the help, I am a phone noob just FYI


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