Innocase Active and Steinheil LCD Protector

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  1. jonhcox

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    Apr 27, 2010
    Hi all,

    I have had my EVO naked for a while and prefer it that way, so I am selling my Innocase Active case protector and a Steinheil Ultra Crystal LCD Protector. Also, my wife bought me a different case and to keep her feelings from being hurt, I need to use it.

    Both the Innocase and Steinheil protectors are UNOPENED and MINT. I'd like to get $35 for both, shipping included anywhere in the USA. This would be my first posting in Phandroid's Classified's, so I know people are a little unsure of buying from a rookie. My Ebay id is: jonathanhc1976 if you want to see some of my history. If you are interested, please email or PM me. If needed, I can provide images of the product.


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