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  1. Yaskier

    Yaskier New Member

    Hi all,
    I really need help here.
    I have updated my phone last night to the latest Gingerbread release XXLJ2 via Samsung KIES, I did it before so it was straightforward.

    I bough the phone Online in a German Phone Store. SIM free, no branding.

    After update all works fine except - major problem.

    I can not select Input Languages in Keyboard settings nor there is an option like that anymore. All I get in that menu is 'Umlaut Settings'

    On a previous release I could select, Polish, German & English for texting now T9 only works in German.

    What is more strange keypad types shows QWERTY but the real type is QWERTZ.

    Please please help.

    I have Android API installed on the laptop so maybe there is an easy text mode to fix that.




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