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  1. Androiding

    Androiding New Member

    I recently got an INQ Cloud Touch, it was locked to Koodoo. My old phone got water logged so I had to get a new phone and I had a sim card with Bell. I got the INQ Cloud unlocked and used my Bell sim card. Everything works fine including Wifi, Calling, etc.

    But, the data does not seem to be working. I do have a data plan with Bell and can not cancel it (so it is such a waste that I am not able to use my data).

    I go to Settings -> Wirless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Data enabled
    When I check and un-check "data enabled" nothing happens!

    Thank you

  2. Crzyboy13

    Crzyboy13 New Member

    Mhm, I've had this problem aswell. I even factory reset my phone I don't seem to know why its not working. :S
  3. TylerLaprise11

    TylerLaprise11 New Member

    You need to go to Settings< Wireless and Networks<Mobile Networks<Access Point Names<New VPN< Call your carrier and ask them for the VPN settings

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