Inspire 4g NewER Battery Ever????

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  1. 1yesfan

    1yesfan New Member

    Will HTC ever release a better battry for this otherwise very good phone?
    Do phone makers ever see this type of issue and provide a battery upgrade option down the road from launch of the prodeuct? Will a 3rd party do it? Seems there are claims out there that there are better batteries but folks here say its all BS.

  2. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    Nope, they wont. Get the XPAL batter pack, I did and I love it. Sure, it adds a lot of bulk and weight, but I love it.
  3. 1yesfan

    1yesfan New Member

    That is too bad then. This is a GREAT phone but you have to turn crap off and on to keep the battery up for more then a day if you want to use all the fun features. Any phone is about useless if you can go a few days with out charging it. This one will not if you use many of the features daily. Eventually I will not and I will be ok with the 2 or so days worth of charge just to talk and text and light wifi usage.
    Too bad.
  4. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    For me, I just make sure I have a charger with me in the car and in the office.
  5. jumper1127

    jumper1127 Member

    You can turn 3G off whenever you don't need it. It saves battery by a lot. I only charge my phone every three or four days.

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