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Inspire 4G testdrive (radio shack)

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  2. This thing is pretty cool :)
  3. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    I hate stuff like this... I want the phone now!!!
  4. LOL dont hate man lol participate LOL
  5. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    I don't like stuff like this, because I would rather have the device in my hands while watching this, so I can see how to do the simple things.
  6. the time will come sooner than later so :)
  7. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    GREAT FIND! Wow, this device really is EYE CANDY. Such a tough decision.
  8. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    Very sweet find indeed. Howd ya find it? And is wdsserve a Radioshack test server?
  9. I know its killing me with this.decision. I came upon it on a website thought it was sweet
  10. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    I can't get any audio on it... can you hear the tutorials/videos when you're playing them? Hmmm.

  11. No I can't hear sounds either
  12. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Can someone confirm the lack of visual voice mail for me? This sucks... I love it on my iPhone, and would like to keep it on the Android.

  13. I use Google voice.so its as good for me
  14. Oh yea love this phone
  15. MatUK.8

    MatUK.8 New Member

    What do I do? Inspire or Atrix?

  16. I had that same problem but I decided that the sense 2.0 features and what this phone offers more suits my needs. I will probably never use the docs of the atrix
  17. MatUK.8

    MatUK.8 New Member

    Yeah I wouldn't plan on buying any of the docks, but the hardware is wicked on the Atrix. I just hope the Inspire comes out at the same time so I don't have to wait. I will probably go for the Inspire.

  18. Inspire will be here feb 13th. Unless your utilizing the docks or playing alot of nvidia games you wont need the dual core
  19. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    I am banking on this date now... either the 13th or the 14th... I just wish AT&T would just come out and say when... maybe a Super Bowl commercial.. who knows...

  20. Yep :)
  21. MatUK.8

    MatUK.8 New Member

    Where did you see that it was coming so soon?

  22. Wow my man a little late to the game huh lol I have inside info and then other sites confirmed it. There's a bunch of threads :)
  23. MatUK.8

    MatUK.8 New Member

    What? Like 2 days ago. I am not searching for a release date every day. But the info is still not fact until it is officially announced anyways.
  24. Dan1942

    Dan1942 Active Member

    New to the forum, but planning on the Inspire. Intended to jump into smartphones last fall (my Razr still says Cingular) and am locked into ATT because my whole family has iPhones on family plan, but I never cared for the iPhone. I decided on the captivate, but after checking the forums decided to wait for it to get 2.2, so I would have true voice dialing over Bluetooth and good GPS so I wouldn't get grief from the family because both work fine on their iPhones. I'm still waiting.

    Anyway, I'm giving the edge to the Inspire over the Atrix in part because it seems to have everything I need and is somewhat more mature technology, so should have fewer problems on launch and accordingly less chance of grief from the family. I'm a bit concerned about the battery, but based on the other posts I should be OK since I am not a heavy user.

    I'm hoping I can get Swype on it, since I liked that when I was playing with the Captivate in the ATT Store.
  25. SquareBare

    SquareBare Active Member

    Thank you for posting this, but it looks like the Atrix is the better phone for me.

    Unless I am missing something important, this seems like just a 2010 phone with a 4g radio.

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