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  1. chrischerns

    chrischerns New Member

    i am brand new to this incredible android world, coming from the iphone 4 i was in dire need of something new and updated and it brought me to the htc inspire which has been awesome.. kinda..

    it seems to freeze up and restart itself 5-10 times a day which to me seems unacceptable. is this a common thing for the phones or a common thing for the android software. i just dont know.

    if there is a way of fixing this or if you think my phone is just messed up please let me know because it is quite annoying to deal with this mutliple times a day

  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    This is the first I have heard of an htc inspire random shut down issue. It was a big problem with the samsung captivate. If you just got the phone I would return it if its doing that that many times a day
  3. Pema108

    Pema108 Member

    My husband got an Inspire 3 weeks ago and it shut down yesterday for the first, and so far only, time. It would only boot up after a battery pull. He went to an at&t tech center (in Seattle) and the guy there, after using a trouble shooting matrix, advised him to switch out for a new one
    --- just FYI.
    He hasn't decided what to do yet but other than that he really likes this phone. I have a captivate and am very impressed with the inspire. :)
  4. ImD1

    ImD1 New Member

    I got an Inspire about 3 weeks ago and it has shut down 3 times with good battery life. Only way to bring it up is to repull the battery which is a feat in itself, I almost broke the little door holding the battery so I'm taking this POS back and getting something else.
  5. skammer1977

    skammer1977 New Member

    I have had an inspire since May. I love the phone until I put the 2.3 update on thier. It started once or twice to force close itself. THen Saturday I was driving along. THe phone started to go bezzereck. It was plugged in and was not charging it started to lose the gps sat info and then it just started to shut off. It just keeps shutting off I took it to a store and they did a master reset on it and told me that I could not download anything for 24hrs. I reluctantly complied and then it started doing it again. SO after like 8 more resets monday came and I call warranty they sent me another htc inspire. It is doing it agian sometimes it will alst for 4 hours then 20 mins then won't even start up and then it will work for an hour. I took it to a store and they was confused what was doing it. it showed almost full strngth and it was not swelled. is there any way to download the software from HTC to do a master reset and load all new software on it. I am confused att is confused I do not know what to do.
  6. LadyMiss

    LadyMiss New Member

    My phone has being doing the same thing for the last month. It would cuts off randomly full battery life and I have to remove the door and take out the battery in order for it to restart. I don't know what is wrong with the phone but I am taking it to At&t today. What happened to your iphone?

  7. csoto2010

    csoto2010 Well-Known Member

    For those of you running into these issues bring the phone back. I am on my 3rd Inspire (for application issues, not any random shut downs) and I have never had the phone do that. It has always been very stable and consistent. You should definitely get it replaced.
  8. tavuslokus

    tavuslokus New Member

    Hi I'm new to the Android world and my phone (same model as others w/issue) is randomly doing the same shut off while inactive and won't restar withoout pulling the battery. Any extra input?

    OS 2.21
  9. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    My phone would just shut the screen off after not responding. Then the soft keys would light up, but not the screen.

    Brainfarts probably.
  10. tavuslokus

    tavuslokus New Member

    Do you guys think if replacing the battery would resolve the issue?

    I really like the phone, but as this always happens while the phone is on standby it's hard to troubleshoot the problem.

    Unfortunately I can't replace it throught AT&T as I bought it from ebay.
  11. guitarbanjo

    guitarbanjo New Member

    After much frustration, I found a simple fix for this problem with my phone. I just bought a belt clip for it. It used to be in my pocket, now it isn't, and it works great. Worth a try!

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