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  1. shamsud

    shamsud Member

    hi bought my i5700 a week ago android experience is pleasent previously an 5800xm owner
    every thing was working fine but today my phone gives a warning regarding low memory i investigted lil and found that all my apps and games r installed in phone memory (i didnt get any option to install in memory card like 5800xm did)so my phone memory was almost full

    did a lot of google search and came to know about apps2sd but dono how to use it on my i5700 so please anybody please give me a noob guide in english or redirect me to any english forum where i can learn procedure to install app2sd on my phone:(
    p.s i have rooted my phone

  2. shamsud

    shamsud Member

    ok finally manage to get it work here what i did

    1. Install latest root kernel + update from here How to get Root on Samsung i5700 [EN] (02/10 - v.LK10)
    2. Create partitions
    - ext2 ~256 or 384 or 512MB
    you can do it from recovery -> Partition sdcard (attention, all your information on SD card will be erase!)
    3. Download
    4. Put it to SD card
    5. Enter to recovery and apply any zip -> ]
    6. Reboot
    7. Reboot again
    that's all, every apps will move to SD ext2 partition


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  3. probbiethe1

    probbiethe1 Active Member

    i have a question on your phone are you rooted running 2.1 ?
  4. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    These files are WRONG for Android 2.1, and Apps2SD is now at a later version.

    Check this thread for info on how to root your phone and install Apps2SD.

    Apps2SD, & Root

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