Install Android 2.3 TV Box - E66 ???

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    how to make Flashing Android TV box e66 ??:confused:
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    all ok!! tks angelmarine

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    file - >|115??|??|115,????|??????|????|????-???????
    file - >|115??|??|115,????|??????|????|????-???????

    How To Flash a WM8710
    if you would like to flash your WM8710 device, this is how it's done:

    1. extract the downloaded firmware to your SD card
    2. ensure that there is a folder SD:\FirmwareInstall and a file SD:\wmt_scriptcmd
    3. connect the charger to your tablet
    4. insert SD with firmware in your tablet
    5. power on tablet
    6. follow the onscreen instruction
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    My e66 tv box is stuck on loading is corrupt every time I download.

    Can anybody advise where else to get these files

    Many thanks
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