Install android 4.1 firmware on chinese tablet {need help}

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  1. alexander095

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    Apr 15, 2013
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    Hi AF

    i have a chinede android 4.0.3 tablet 7"

    there is no brand on the tablet cover or any ware else !

    in the settings the model is : SY-V7

    the tablet is force closing apps and auto rebooting
    it have a lot of problems i tried to factory reset but still the same
    i tried to swap user info "from the recovery mode" but still the same

    i want to install a fresh 4.0.3 firmware or install 4.1
    can any 1 help me with this it will be soooooo appreciated

    btw there is no choice in the setting to update !!

  2. mikedt

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    Hello and ni hao alexander095 welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Unfortunately there's absolutely no information at all on a "SY-V7"...which basically means if you want updated software, forget it. Your best bet would be to RMA it as faulty for a refund, if that's possible.

    The only branding you'll often find is "FCC Approved. Made in China" :rolleyes:

    You might want to read our forum sticky about these things...

    ...and I suggest that you buy a Google Nexus tablet instead. It will cost you more $$$, but it's worth it.

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