Install Android Store (Google Play) apps to usb stick

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  1. mediakill

    mediakill New Member

    Hi I just bought an android usb stick to play with. a mk809 from amazon. If i'm not mistaken it comes with a very small amount of internal storage 500 megs or so and its already complaining its outta space. Is there a way to setup the android or specifically the store to install stuff to an external usb stick or even micro sd card by default or something. Got a 64 gig usb drive and would like it to install to that but it automatically installs to internal memory via the store is there a method to set the install location?

    i mainly got it to play with but after putting media center (100 megs) and a few apps the space filled up awfully quick. Would appreciate any links or help.


  2. mediakill

    mediakill New Member

    another quick question no quite the same if its okay to throw it in. Trying to find out how change wallpaper on this android stick which has android 4.1 doing a quick web search it says its under settings/display/wallpaper but i don't see anything here about wallpaper just font size,etc nothing about wallpaper?

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