install any app to the sd card by samsung galaxy pro froyo2.2Support

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  1. gabriel_nacpil

    gabriel_nacpil New Member

    how to force any app to install onto the SD card, wheter it supports App2SD or not... I tried already the one that I read in Android Magazine by using SDK but I can't get it I dont know what went wrong is there any alternative aside from using SDK tools?

  2. gerry4love

    gerry4love New Member

    link pl\\\\\\\\\
  3. droidappoid

    droidappoid New Member

    I have a rooted galaxy pro and have installed the DroidSail Super App 2 SD. With it you can set the default installation location as SD Card i.e. any app you install will automatically install in the SD Card. Ofcourse for this to work you need to root your phone.

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