Install App Backed up by Titanium Backup without Titanium BackupSupport

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    I'm posting this in the Optimus s section because
    1) The actual phone is an LG genesis (Which has very low level support)
    2) This is a GENERAL question about android and should be solved the same
    with the exception that on an Optimus s I could flash stock and restore what I deleted.
    I uninstalled an app accidently and now my phone keeps force closing. I'm able to control the screen or .5 seconds at a time, and have tried unpacking the backed up copies from sdcard and pushing them with adb. I keep getting permission denied, even after SU and Mounting as R/W. I've also tried reinstalling with the side load wonder machine, but no luck either. Help please? My phone is essentially bricked, because the lg genesis does not have an update.zips I could flash, a custom recovery nor Roms. Again I know that this is the LG optimus s section, but I'm sure someone here could help me and possible someone else could benifit! Thank you.

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  3. The_Chief

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    This is a response from a fellow Guide:

    "If it is a system file, a TiBu backup will not help anyway. TiBu backs up data only for system apps - it does not back up the actual .apk, as it does for apps installed from the market or side-loaded."


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