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  1. Phisatho

    Phisatho New Member

    I am in a catch-22 situation.
    Couple of days back I moved from a 910 to X10 with market app disabled as market is not available for UAE.

    I came to understand that if I want to install apps without market, I need a file manager like Astro. But then to install Astro, I need astro!!.
    The other alternative is to use the SDK. But the SDK route doesn't work, as the stock USB driver that comes with SDK does not support X10.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  2. frankbonatelli

    frankbonatelli Well-Known Member

    There are many creative ways to get files to your android phone. Firstly If you have bluetooth ready laptop/ desktop you can donate and try this Should enable your market app. Failling this try this app for exploreing the fone files
    and Slide me to install any transfered files
    If you surf to these addresses on your phone the browser will install the apk files as well.
    Hope this has helped out more then confused
  3. fadimck

    fadimck New Member

    How to root?
  4. Phisatho

    Phisatho New Member

    Thanks for the help. However, marketenabler require a rooted phone, which is out of my reach.

    The browser fail to download from slide-it. ( I am able to download the same files to my PC).

    However, downloading andexplorer from using phone browser and using the file browser, I am able to install apps copied to SDCard.

    Anybody have success connecting to X10 from SDK?

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