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  1. eharr8

    eharr8 New Member

    Umm... I am having a huge problem with my phone and installing new apps. :( I have a HTC Sensation running Cyanogen Mod 9. I have two large problems:
    1. I dropped my phone and now the Wifi doesn't work. and I dont have enough money to get it fixed yet.
    2. I was stupid and did not download a file manager before dropping my phone.

    Soo... Is there a way to not use wifi or a file manager to install apps onto my phone? Or am I just screwed and I need to get a job and fix my phone? :confused:


  2. coooky

    coooky New Member

    will making a google account not allow you to do so i have just turned off my wifi and it worked for me using the google play market
  3. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    Your phone is a 3G phone. Just use the mobile network to download the apps. Wifi is different - it uses your home or work router.

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