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Install clockwork mod(CWM) recovery in micromax a45 100% WORKING....

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  1. antonysabish

    antonysabish Member

    Micromax A45 Clockworkmod
    Here's how to get Clockworkmod recovery
    with SP Flash Tool:
    1. Download SP Flash Tool.
    2. Download MT6573_Android_scatter.txt.
    3. Download a45recovery-cwm.zip and extract it.
    4. Extract SPF Tool.zip and Run
    Flash_tool.exe from there.
    5. Click File->Open Scatter-loading file and
    select the MT6573_Android_scatter.txt you
    6. Now uncheck everything except
    RECOVERY . Click on recovery and select
    a45recovery-cwm.img you downloaded.
    7. Now turn off your Micromax A45,
    remove battery and put it back( DONT
    switch it back on).
    8. Press Download in the SP Flash Tool
    window, then When the countdown starts,
    connect your phone to PC.
    9. After it's done, disconnect the phone,
    remove battery and put it back. Boot the
    phone into Recovery mode, You should
    have Clockworkmod v5.8.1.9

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  2. ashrafmohd

    ashrafmohd Member

    hi prashanthca
    iam new here
    iam facing two problems while installing
    cwm recovery on my rooted micromax
    iam getting two errors
    1) spflash tool error : (8100)
    [android usb] cannot find usb port!
    1.lack of battery power for your target
    2.hardware problem of your cable
    3.there is a leakage of usb hub if you are
    using a usb hub
    4.you do not install usb driver for android
    download yet
    please check above items or catch sp flash
    tool logs and UART4 log to find help
    another error iam getting that
    "files needed"
    'the file "usb2ser.sys" on device driver
    installation disk is needed
    my phone battery was 80% while istalling
    cwm so i think there is no battery
    and how to install usb drivers for android
    please help me and please upload usb
    drivers for android on windows xp
    and what is that "usb2ser.sys"
    please upload that file also
    please please please help me
    iam eager to install cwm recovery on my
    micromax a45
    please help me
    it is my humble request please
  3. antonysabish

    antonysabish Member

    First switch off your phone...
    and attach phone and pc via usb cable....
    now your pc found new hardware....
    Right click your Mycomputer click
    properties and goto device manager....
    Find your android A45 hardware then Right
    click and click the update driver from
    specified location and browse your driver
    folder...() DOWNLOAD THIS DRIVER WWW.androidforums.com/attachments/a...n-micromax-a45-100-working-drivers_a45-2-.zip
  4. ashrafmohd

    ashrafmohd Member

    thanks i have sucessfully installed cwm recovery on my rooted micromax a45
    thank you
  5. ashrafmohd

    ashrafmohd Member

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    i have purchased micromax a57
    i need information for rooting for
    micromax a57
    and post how to install cwm recovery on
    micromax a57
    iam eager to install cwm recovery on
    mmx a457
    please help me plzzzz....
  6. ashrafmohd

    ashrafmohd Member

    hi jam new here
    i have purchased micromax a57
    i need information for rooting for
    micromax a57
    and post how to install cwm recovery on
    micromax a57
    iam eager to install cwm recovery on
    mmx a57
    please help me plzzzz....
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  7. blzngz007

    blzngz007 Member

    I am not even able to connet my A45 to pc.. its not even showing that ds handset is connected. May be it needs a USB driver but i can't even find it. plz help me.. I even want to root this phone soo... plz attach the file here... and if need email me...
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  8. dumketo

    dumketo New Member

    how i install .inf file in my windows 7 laptop. please help me.
  9. gopaalgnair

    gopaalgnair New Member

  10. cooldd007

    cooldd007 New Member

    I have rooted my Micromax A26.
    Will this method work for Micromax A26????
  11. Aswinthegreat

    Aswinthegreat New Member

    Iam using mm a44 will these same steps work on a44help me plz I hv downloaded spflash tool if I select scater file it shows some eror help me
  12. Gurvinder11

    Gurvinder11 New Member

    My phone shows charging as soon as i plug my cable..how can i avoid this?

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