Install clockworkmod with Odin?

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  1. IvanABQ

    IvanABQ Active Member

    I have a Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Gingerbread 2.3.6, EL29. Is there a clockworkmod recovery md5 file available that can be flashed with Odin?


  2. Ronny71

    Ronny71 Well-Known Member

    First you have to be Rooted...

    Go Here... [ODIN][TAR] SPH-D710.EL29_CL852097 (EL29 Modem/Kernel/ROM - Full Restore - Rooted) - xda-developers
    Do the Auto Root Package...
    After your Rooted Then go back to the Auto Root Package and Install Option C...You will be already Rooted ...and by installing Option C it will Give you CWM...Then you'll be able to Flash GB Custom Roms and Themes...Or the best part you'll be able to Flash many New ICS Leak Roms from Sammy...

    Just follow the directions there are videos on You Tube by QBKing77...Thatll show step by step what to do...
    Just follow the directions of The Devs and you'll be fine...:cool:
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  3. IvanABQ

    IvanABQ Active Member

    I have used e4gtauto-sfx on several occasions, but Windows 7 sometimes messes up the Samsung E4GT drivers. When that happens, the phone is not recognized by e4gtauto-sfx (doesn't see it's connected to USB). So, what I want to do is find a clockworkmod recovery tar file that I can install using Odin.

    If I unzip the contents of "" generated by CWM's ROM Manager, then recompress those into a tar file, can the tar file be installed by Odin?
  4. Ronny71

    Ronny71 Well-Known Member

    Are you already rooted ??? If you are already rooted ...Heres a tar file for recovery...You can use Odin or Mobile Odin..This tar file is repacked into a kernel...So you will have this kernel when done...This will give you Recovery...

    It can be found here... [KERNEL/RECOVERY][ICS] Rogue *Stock FC07* (New 3/10/12) - xda-developers

    BTW I use Widows 7 and Windows Vista ...Try reinstallin the Drivers for Your Phone ...That my help with it recognizin it...or use a different USB Cable...
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  5. IvanABQ

    IvanABQ Active Member

    The phone is rooted. Doesn't everyone do that? If they don't, they're missing out on some great apps and functionality.

    I've tried reinstalling drivers, but what really seems to do the trick is to have both USB ports in the port pair hooked up to exactly the same devices as when the drivers were first installed. Strange, huh.

    I notice the tar file says "FC07" in it's title. Does that mean it will only install on 4.0.3 ICS? I'm still running Gingerbread 2.3.6 EL29. Will the tar file also work with the newly leaked ICS FC18?

    Thanks for your help.
  6. Ronny71

    Ronny71 Well-Known Member

    Youre tellin me EG4auto exe... dosent work for you right...The only thing I can suggest to be safe is to use Mobile Odin...You'll have to load the Tar File from your PC onto the SD of the Epic...If you can do that Mobile Odin will recognize the Tar File and load it into the Rom...When thats done you'll have the safer Rogue recovery to flash Roms,Themes,Modems and Kernels...The older Rogue 1.2.1 has been hard brickin phones even for Devs...

    I don't use that Recovery any more...Just the newer ones...There is a newer one out now for 18...But they Devs still tell ya that you flash at your own risk even usin the newer stuff...They only want you to use Odin...Ive bricked 3 times in the last two weeks but got back thru Odin and returning to stock and startin all over again...

    So you can use that recovery there for now since your rooted but no guarantees...Rooting is risky...Ive been lucky so far ...But if you go to the section on that forum and search for "how not to brick your phone" it will tell you what not to do...If you read and listen and can follow directions you should be okay...If youre not sure don't do it and read first...its very important...

    Right now I switch between these two Roms...Both are hot...1. [ROM][TN] MIJJz BLEND ICS [FC18][OS 4.0.3] "THE GOODNESS" [v2.5][3/20/2012] and

    2.Stock Rooted De-odex'd FC18 ROM (v1.0)
    md5 - 12d6679cbb83b6e7fb74e57d5709fb1e

    FC18 Modem
    md5 - b920d79220865090b5a6efc5007b4374

    Heres the Format all by Calk ...That is once youre gonna Flash the Roms...

    [​IMG] Calkulin' - [Click for QR Code] (143.7 KB, 184 views)

    Just run it once...

    Don't forget no guarantees...I don't think you will ...jjust follow the Devs instructions to a tee...If youre not sure ask questions on the Forum...
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  7. IvanABQ

    IvanABQ Active Member

    What is the advantage of the MIJJz ROM? More of an ICS (rather than Sprint stock) experience?

    How can you switch between the 2 ROMs, if you don't have CWM recovery?
  8. Ronny71

    Ronny71 Well-Known Member

    Yes first Rom is better ICS Experience...
    Themed and today hes puttin up another themed version...This guy is amazin...

    You must have Recovery to switch or run either Rom...You can get the Recovery thru Mobile Odin ...just download it from Market and it will recognize your Tar Files ...Which I gave you above...In Post #4...
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