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Install issue with ADB Interface

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  1. gambit101

    gambit101 New Member

    Hey kiddos. Thanks to Tecnica for the easy to follow directions. My Moment is working perfectly EXCEPT I can't seem to get the ADB Interface installed properly so I can get up and running again with the SDK.

    I'm running XP SP3 in case it makes a difference, but the driver install process is pretty much the same. I was sure to uninstall any leftover drivers before using the new set as well as poke around with USBDeview. The USB Modem and USB Composite install as expected, however the ADB Interface won't...it always has a nice yellow exclamation mark and is named 'S3C6410 Android ADB'. I end up with a "Fatal Error During Installation" after the system copies the drivers to system32 folder. Am I dealing with a hardware issue here? USB Debugging is enabled, the sdcard mounts fine in standard mode, and all that jazz. This seems to be the one thing I can't get working...after the 2.1 update of course. Heck, I've even tried different cords and usb ports on my poor motherboard.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

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  2. gambit101

    gambit101 New Member

    I'm going to *bump* this since I've played around with numerous setup methods, none of which resolved the issue at hand.
  3. moneypenny00704

    moneypenny00704 New Member

    Hi I am having the same problem. I have spent hours trying to figure this out and endless web searching. Did you find a solution. If so please let me know.
  4. xinanc

    xinanc New Member

    any update?
    I am facing this problem in my win7 too.
  5. CLFGM

    CLFGM New Member

    Windows 7 same problem
  6. Acecool

    Acecool New Member

    Windows 7 same issue, but there might be hope! I have eclipse on another computer, and I think I still have the old hosted file with the drivers!

    I have the drivers! Pm me for them. I will set up a Google site for them soon.
  7. wat143

    wat143 Member

    same problem...
  8. HeadlessPonch

    HeadlessPonch Well-Known Member

    I used to have wired tethering via azlink working, for about a week, on my work computer (WinXP). Just one day it decided to stop working, unable to connect. I recently decided to try again, so I could get ADB going, and no luck. I'm also getting the error installing 'S3C6410 Android ADB'. The same exact files work on my WinXP computer at home. It's very frustrating, especially since it did work for a while and no hardware or software updates/changes were made.
  9. yosua

    yosua New Member

    I face the same problem with my Samsung Gio, how do we solve this, anyone?

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