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  1. Lilnasty954

    Lilnasty954 Member

    ok..... i have these files


    i have extracted one by one

    the only one that has a "file" thats name the same is Bloover2b" and the file is blooover2
    i went to this site Get APK and i tried multiple combinations to convert the so called "jad" file with the "jar" file
    i put all this on the phone and its wants to ope j2me
    that opens it but only for like 3 seconds
    i don't know what im doing wrong

    here is the files and the webpage with tutorial please help cause i dont understand
    if you can get it to work then thx alot and write back please

    website for instructions and download.......

    Thank You!

    this is the file..............


  2. TheAlien

    TheAlien Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know the answer to this one as well. And yes, I have the same files.
  3. Lilnasty954

    Lilnasty954 Member

    tried it on blackberry...nothing....i got both to open for almost 3 secounds and i seen the menu,but nothing i gave up i guess no one seen this thread
  4. Williadh

    Williadh New Member

    Hi, I am needing to load this same program and am having the same issues! Any luck with this yet??? Or suggestions Please!
  5. Lilnasty954

    Lilnasty954 Member

    still no luck i tried it on android and blackberry,on black berry it opened for 3 secounds and on android it open for 5 secounds,seen the meno also but i cant click on anything cause it closes,this is suppose to be a great app and no one has seen this thred im guessin cause we all still cant get it working,hopefully someone will check it out though,thx for posting
  6. Gemniken

    Gemniken New Member

    Has anyone got this app to run.. I have been trying for 3 days with no
    luck only installs and pulls menu and then returns to original screen.
  7. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

  8. Lilnasty954

    Lilnasty954 Member

    Those files don't work either,can do shit on android with these files,guess this question can't be answered

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