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Install/move apps to sd cardSupport

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  1. av8or007

    av8or007 New Member


    I want to move my apps to the 32 gb sd card in my lg optimus l7 to preserve the tiny 2gb of internal memory (really lg, what were you thinking...).

    I tried downloading the app2sd program but it gave me the error "The device does not have a real primary external storage, or the primary external storage is emulated"

    There is no move to sdcard option in the apps menu.

    Also tried changing default install location using this tutorial:


    (replace [DOT] with a .) :)

    It didn't work (i installed a new app and it went to internal sd/memory), so I reversed it back to normal.

    Is there any workaround? I need more space for apps! :)

    Please help!

    BTW, any way to root firmware v10g yet?

  2. mitza

    mitza New Member

    I have the same problem...can`t move the apps not even if using apps built for this purpose.
  3. pocketcup

    pocketcup New Member

    Hey guys something struck my eye while i was searching for "how to install apps to sd card". I'm using a HTC HD2 hacked to run windows phone 7 and android dual boot, and during the set up process i had to mess around with the micro sd to get it to work. Part of the process involved me using a program called Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home to set the windows partition on the sd card as primary... maybe this helps... maybe not... good luck! :)
  4. azrealgodwin

    azrealgodwin New Member

    Alot of your options depend on the version of Andriod OS you are running. In the newest versions for instance Kitkat 4.4 sd card read/write permission are completly disabled. I can recommend 2 programs The first is a must have and the second takes some time to set up and wont save nearly as much space. Download the program GL to Sd from google play (game library to sd) what it does is right after you install a game it will take the data, move it to your sd and create a mounted folder on the internal which takes only 1kb and that redirects your phone to the data or obb usually the largest part of the app. It takes a rooted phone so go ahead and do that. For your phone Optimus L7 all that is needed is to download Tr.apk (towel root) and run it. The other program is Link2sd and takes you download a partition tool and partitioning your sd card into 2 primary partitions. 1 in Fat32 to be used as your storage (where the gl will redirect to and also your pictures videos etc) and the other as a Ext2 partiton, it can then do the same thing to your entire app packages as well as their internal data keeping your internal memory 100% clear and free. The only problem I am having getting around is games that require more than 1.5gb of space so you cannot even download them from google play. The only workaround I can find is to get the apk somewhere on the internet then dump it on my phone in the external sd in the obb folder then run the apk to install it and link it with gl 2 sd. I hope this has been somewhat helpful to ya.
  5. jamesmock

    jamesmock Well-Known Member

    How about gta san andreas i got lg l70 ms323 and i have found how to link the files to my sd with root and link2sd but my enternal is to small to put the game on so i used a pc and put the game on my phones 32g sd card but when i try to run the apk file its saying i have bot paid for the game and it wont do anything even tho i got the game on the. Sd card

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