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  1. Tri-Fecta

    Tri-Fecta New Member

    Install PC Companion Option was removed when i plug the USB cable. before it has this option "connect phone" "install pc companion" and "charge phone" but now no install pc companion option available.. only the two.. what went wrong?

  2. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    Did you by any chance remove the don't-remember-what.ISO which contains the PC companion installation?
  3. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    if you need PC companion, you can always download it at the se website.
  4. Tri-Fecta

    Tri-Fecta New Member

    where is that located?
  5. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

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