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Install / Uninstall .apk files

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  1. JoeJacked

    JoeJacked New Member

    Hey guys, newbe here. Just rooted my phone yesterday and tried a couple different kernels/Roms. Now i am testing installing apps not through the market.

    It seems all i have to do to install the .apk is have it on the phone and it installs.

    But i do not see a way to uninstall these apps.

    Any insight?

  2. JP_GXP

    JP_GXP Well-Known Member

    I use Go Launcher and all you do with it is hold on the icon until the red x's come up and uninstall them that way.

    You could also use Titanium Backup to uninstall them. Just open it, go to Backup/Restore, click the app you want to remove, and click "Un-install!" :)
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  3. JoeJacked

    JoeJacked New Member

    Thanks bud!
  4. JP_GXP

    JP_GXP Well-Known Member

    Quite welcome.

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