Install Update through wifi or USB?

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  1. kyaniki

    kyaniki New Member


    I no longer have service on my droid (live in a different country) but I would really like to to install the new update considering it seems like it fixes so much with the music player which is basically all I use my phone for now anyway. Is there anyway to install the update through wifi or through USB?

  2. zEnethSTORM

    zEnethSTORM Member

    1) go into settings, wireless & network settings, mobile networks, system select
    - choose "home only"
    2)go into settings, about this phone
    -you will notice that system updates is now available
    -press sytem updates
    -wait several minutes, it should go through eventually.

    Source: How to froyo over wifi only (no service needed)
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  3. festerw

    festerw Well-Known Member

    You can turn the wifi on and it will update.

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