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  1. AudaciousQuip

    AudaciousQuip Member

    Hello everyone ...

    I just downloaded the Android SDK, and the USB drivers for the phone. I want to install the drivers that the SDK provides. I am familiar with installing device drivers from a location I select. The problem is, as soon as I connect my G1, Windows automatically installs it as a disk drive. How do I keep Windows from doing this, so I can select the driver myself? Thanks.

  2. AudaciousQuip

    AudaciousQuip Member

    By the way, if I click the Update Driver button in the properties, and select the folder manually, Windows says:

    "The wizard could not find a better match for your hardware than the software you currently have installed."

    Seems unlikely to me, since it's essentially got no software installed. I have two folders that are each supposed to contain USB drivers.

    One contains:
    - android_usb.inf
    - androidusb.sys
    - LICENSE-2.0.txt
    - WdfCoInstaller01005.dll

    The other contains:
    - android_winusb.inf
    - two directories, amd64, and i386
    each containing:
    -- NOTICE
    -- WdfCoInstaller01007.dll
    -- WinUSBCoInstaller.dll
    -- WUDFUpdate_01007.dll

    Which one of these should work ... and how do I get it to? Thanks.
  3. issacbalaji

    issacbalaji New Member

    install in sense where is location either sdk/tools or c/window ????????????????????????????????????

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