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  1. jimmyf101

    jimmyf101 New Member


    I am planning to get my 71 year old mother in law a WiFi-only Nexus 7 so she can Skype with my family.

    Is installation easy (I heard that I need to get a the Nexus 7 camera launcher app, first?)?

    Will launching Skype be as easy as tapping the icon?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. palmtree5

    palmtree5 Sunny Vacation Supporter! Moderator

    You should be able to go on the Play store and download the app. You shouldn't need a camera launcher for this. And yes, it will be as simple as tapping the icon and signing into a skype account
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  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It is as easy as Palmtree points out. When you first open the app, you'll get a popup telling you the device isn't supported and that video calling may be unstable, but you can ignore it and it should work fine. It's a little temperamental, but it should work most of the time.
  4. jimmyf101

    jimmyf101 New Member

    Thanks guys! Is Swype going to be a supported device in the near future (considering the decent sales numbers of the N7)?
  5. jhsrennie

    jhsrennie Well-Known Member

    I've just installed Skype on my N7 (v4.2.1) and it installed without warnings and works fine.

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