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  1. crossjaw

    crossjaw Member

    I wanted to mess around with a Behold 2 I have lying around(I have never used it, its not mine). I have installed these USB drivers from this BH_Man thread below.

    http : // androidforums. com/behold-2-all-things-root/66867-how-flash-using-odin .html

    Now I connect my phone to Windows XP not recognized...I even tried with USB debugging on.

    When I try ADB>>> "no devices found"

    Something I'm doing wrong?

  2. crossjaw

    crossjaw Member

    Ok I tried installing the drivers again, I got it to show up on ADB. Now ill try rooting this shit.
  3. JayRulen

    JayRulen Member

    Sounds like your phone is not rooted =(

    try installing a brand new rom

    Or find how to set up adb
  4. MFussell2316

    MFussell2316 Member

    I had this same exact problem. Drove me nuts. Read somewhere that there might be a conflict with iTunes. Fortunately, my iTunes is on an external hard drive. I unplugged it, reloaded the HTC Sync software and it booted right up with no errors. If you can somehow 'disable' iTunes, or disconnect any external hard drives, give it a shot. It might work for you like it did me. Good luck!!!

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