installed new rom...uh im stuck at load screen!! AHHH

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    More thank likely Jack, you need to factory reset the device, this will probably remove you from being stuck in boot loop. Usually after flashing any sort of new ROM onto your device a factory reset is in order.
  3. jackvillin

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    i thought i had donne that. i was in a rush for nothing and instead of reset i wiped cache instead. thank you very much. this new rom is what up. so smooth, and i havent had 1 single bug or glitch yet. Im so glad that bootstrap has 2 different modes to keep me from brickin my phone. lord know my poor ole LG Ally died a horrible death due to beta Bionix rom flash. got the blue screen of death and havent been able to fix it or run across any one who knows how to help me fix it. so i burried it in my sock drawer. lol:smokingsomb:

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