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  1. Notabigfan

    Notabigfan New Member

    I installed some apps from Amazon this morning and didnt like them so I uninstalled them now I cant make or receive calls or text but I can still use Google etc. Anybody run into this problem?The 3g Icon at the top is there sometimes and not there sometimes. It shows full signal bars sometimes but for the most part none.Ha, it just received a text message but would not let me reply?Tried reboot but that did nothing.Checked 3 G it's on but sometimes the Icon is there sometimes it's not? I need help please.Galaxy Precedent

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Update profile... That might fix the problem.
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  3. Notabigfan

    Notabigfan New Member

    Updated profile and PRL. And still nothing. My signal bars are going crazy, Sometimes they are full and other times I look at it I have none?
  4. Notabigfan

    Notabigfan New Member

    I'm not getting e-mails either?
  5. kathyshouse

    kathyshouse New Member

    Im having the exact same problems with mine. And now I cant even make calls, no bars, no 3G at the top, cant get emails or text for the past few weeks, and it seems to be progressing to a worse state. Tried making calls today but it started going wacky with the bars up and down and the 3G disappeared and now all bars are gone entirely. I feel upset about this phone, it just gives me a lot of problems if anyone can help me fix it i would appreciate it, thanks :)
  6. Notabigfan

    Notabigfan New Member

    Hey Kathy,
    In my case it was the SD card. Removed it and all my problems went with it. Try removing your SD card turn your phone off maybe remove the battery for a bit then try your phone again. Some app I downloaded put itself on my card. Be careful what you download to your phone.. Hope this helps you.Never got back to this site to tell everyone about my outcome. Forgot my password etc. But when I read your story I figured I would try to help you.I only use apps that I need now.No games etc....Note my name "NOTABIGFAN"......This phone sucks! And I hate SPRINT! If I knew this phone used Sprint towers I would have never bought it!!!! Verizon is the only way to go...Too bad they dont have cheap plans.

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