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Installing Android on Samsung S5620 Monte

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  1. tronix

    tronix New Member

    So could we install Android on this phone? I heard in some forums that some guys are trying to do that. It would be kinda great to see an android on this thing.

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Well, if you can install Android on an iPhone4, why not?
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  3. prax539

    prax539 New Member

    can u tell me at which site i can get help to install android on monte
  4. occhiverdi1987

    occhiverdi1987 New Member

    I am interested too.
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  5. wit_kangan

    wit_kangan New Member

    I think just wallpaper
  6. occhiverdi1987

    occhiverdi1987 New Member

    This phone has gps integrated, but it can't be used without paying data traffic for google maps. I'd like to install a navigation software with offline maps, but the only I have found is we-travel for java wich cannot be compared with the others...:(
    Do you have any idea?
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  7. zelios

    zelios New Member

    my friend some fw(mfjf1) support route 66 for gps and it is offline you just download your country map for free...so is it possible to install android on monte?
  8. Maybe.... Whats the cpu speed?
  9. occhiverdi1987

    occhiverdi1987 New Member

    Can you tell me how change the firmware? Have you tried it?
    I read that some people had problems after the update.
  10. zelios

    zelios New Member

    you need the firmware files and the program multiloader 5.62...you turn off the phone and press down camera and on keys to enter download mode you connect the phone via usb and in multiloader you load the files...do not put master rom tick and the .rc2 file always the low
  11. zelios

    zelios New Member

    BCM2153 It has a 312Mhz ARM11 processor for applications that i ve read that allows overclocking to 1Ghz
  12. Gremling

    Gremling New Member

    So is there anyone who has pulled that off ?
  13. amoniac

    amoniac New Member

  14. tronix

    tronix New Member

  15. sasaprova

    sasaprova New Member

    up, someone know if now it's possible install android on s5620?
  16. ^Benya

    ^Benya New Member

    I am also trying to install Android 1.5, but i dont know, the CPU's 400Hhz is enough for Android 1.5?
  17. Ajit@1993

    Ajit@1993 New Member

    can any1 tel how 2 do dis on monte plz
  18. hasanmk52

    hasanmk52 New Member

    can anyone plz tell me how to install android on my s5620???
    Your help will be appreciated!
  19. Kunal4980

    Kunal4980 New Member

    Same here I have seen the posts but no one has answered satisfactorily, If anyone can provide step by step guide that will be a good help.
  20. ellishnoo

    ellishnoo New Member

  21. mahesham

    mahesham New Member

    can anyone plz tell me how to install android on my samsung monte s5620???
  22. NeFRiN_28

    NeFRiN_28 New Member

    send link Download OS Android for Samsung GT-S5620 Email:Aras2069@gmail.com
  23. vissu

    vissu New Member

    how to install andreoed 2.2 in samsung monte
  24. Lampard

    Lampard New Member

    ŁoŁ......has anyone here can write how to install android samsung monte?!!!PLS PLS HELP
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  25. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    There are mods and themes, but an actual version of Android on this handset is more than likely impossible.

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