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Installing APK files from Internal Storage.Support

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  1. Mossey

    Mossey Member

    My Nexus does not have an Microsd slot, so I understand when using Win7 (64) that you should only have to connect to PC and be able to transfer files, right? I moved some apps(APK) files to the download folder on Nexus thinking I would install from there. Not visable on Nexus. Also tried to locate Photos in Nexus Photo file for transfer to PC, nothing there. What's am I missing. I found a work around but have no idea, now or why it works. I installed Wifi file explorer from play store, ( don't understand it either) but then the APK files were visable on the Nexus. Please explain!
    What would be the advantages to rooting the Nexus?

    Thanks guys

  2. Trel

    Trel Well-Known Member

    you need a file manager to get to and run the apk files
    something like astro should work fine.

    for the photos, start looking in DCIM
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  3. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

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