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Installing .apk with TB and EasyInstallerSupport

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  1. abusedkitten

    abusedkitten New Member

    I have a few .apk's i'd like to install on my phone. I managed to get "Osmos HD" to install after fiddling with the phone for ages and I have NO IDEA what I did. When I put the .apk file in the same EXACT spot it still isn't finding it so... it can't be the spot that it's in.

    I have SuperUser - Titanium Back-up and EasyInstaller
    I don't honestly know what the difference is. I understand root rights and whatnot but i'm so confused.

    Is there a special folder i need to put these .apk files into for them so show up on my phone?

    I put them in just the main SD card. No subfolders or anything, and I can't find the file i'm looking for.

    I put them in the ".andriod_secure" folder and still, nothing.

    If someone could just explain the correct steps to take given the applications I already have installed I would appreciate it.

    Please ask for further info if needed.

  2. abusedkitten

    abusedkitten New Member

    Nevermind I'm an idiot, I figured it out.

    Parse problem. Ur dur dur dur.

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