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  1. chaitanya2106

    chaitanya2106 New Member

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. Its internal memory is only 190 MB. So, installing new apps (especially a little heavy ones) is very difficult. Also, installing new apps slows down performance (RAM = 290MB).
    Is there a way to install new apps only on the sd card & nothing on phone memory?
    I have already made SD Card as default storage but some part of new apps gets installed in phone memory too (Package = code + data), can't this be changed & only SD card memory used?
    Is there a way to improve RAM performance?

    Or do I have to go for a new phone?


  2. chaitanya2106

    chaitanya2106 New Member

    I have done the following:

    1. Rooted the phone with

    2. Have downloaded Link2SD app & given it superuser permissions.

    I tried moving default Maps app but it showed the following error:


    I want to move this, as well as other heavy system apps like Play Store to my Samsung 8GB SD Card.

    Please , help .
  3. vinod0018

    vinod0018 New Member

    mine also s5360 n same error of not showing sd card as it diasappeard or not read
    not only this an error 497 is also not allowing me to download apps like i WATSAPP.
    i need watsapp
    plus up UPDATES n NOTIFICATIONS from google or facebook had also stopped the more apps i had installed
    especially wen i installed GO LAUNCHER.
    plz SUGGEST what i can do.

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