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Installing App's onto App Inventor Emulator

  1. Chrisso80

    Chrisso80 New Member

    Hi All. I'm trying to install a spreadsheet App onto the AppInventor Emulator. I want to use the spreadsheet App when building with AppInventor. Having particular problems with the adb in cmd.
    Any help appreciated

  2. Chrisso80

    Chrisso80 New Member

    Anyone have any ideas?
  3. appinventor

    appinventor Active Member

    Any apps downloaded to the emulator are lost when the emulator shuts down.
  4. Chrisso80

    Chrisso80 New Member

    That's fine, but how do I download an App onto the emulator in the first place? Not an App I'm building, but an App I want to refer to when I'm building...
  5. appinventor

    appinventor Active Member

    To my knowledge only AI apps being developed with the blocks editor can be uploaded to the emulator. The emulator interacts with AI in real time on the currently loaded project only. Downloading the apk to a phone or tablet would allow your AI app to interact with another app installed on that device, though.
  6. pura

    pura New Member

    did you find a way? because i am looking to do the same

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