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Installing apps via computer

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  1. wvw

    wvw Member


    I have customers who use HTC Wildfire & HTC Sensation phones. I need to install some Android apps on their phones but want to do it where I can download the apps from the market place onto my Computer and then install it onto the phones via the USB cable. Is this at all possible and how will I go about doing this?

    Another way I tried was to hook the phone to my computer and browse to the android app market, search for the app, select my phone from the drop down list and click on install. However in my browser it says app will be installed soon but nothing happens and when I check the phone it is not showing any apps being installed. What am I doing wrong? How can I get this method to work?

    Please help

  2. HamadaFOREVER

    HamadaFOREVER New Member

    i need it too
  3. 2wmobile

    2wmobile Member

    I dont think this is allowed,

    as a developer i hope it never does to, TBH.

    this would mean you could distribute an app as many times as you wanted.

    okay it migt be okay for FREE aps but for paid ones i wouldnt want to see ti happen.

    plus ANY app you put on via a PC WILL NOT be subject to any updates via the market.

    plus whay if someone decompiles an app tahtthey have downloaded from the market to a pc runs a virus or a malware script in it, then re distributes it, then WE as a development team woudl look lik eit was our fault.

  4. If you have the relevant .apk files on your PC you can transfer them to the root level of SD cards and install them from there.

    But then they obviously won't be registered to those phones in the Market, so that, like 2wmobile says, they won't get updates.
  5. With my experience, I can only download apps in my mobilephone, can not download to computer.
  6. The OP's question was how to download and install apps from a PC to a phone. The OP's question was not how to download and install apps from the Market to a PC.

    There are several ways to get .apk files of apps stored (NOT 'installed') on a PC. But that was not the OP's question.
  7. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Hi, like others have said, you cannot download from the Android Market to a PC.

    Second paragraph: How are you hooking up the phone to your computer? Are you enabling the phone to be a disk drive? If so, on some models, enabling disk drive prohibits you from downloading files to the phone, because Android will download the files to the SD card first. Make sure you are not in Disk Mode and you should be able to download. If you are trying to gain internet connectivity through the USB cable, you have to enable Internet Passthrough (assuming you're using the HTC devices you mentioned at the top) and have the HTC drivers installed.

    Also, by clicking that install button, it will install it to the phone, it will not download the file to your PC. Just to be clear.
  8. wvw

    wvw Member

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you so much for all your help.

    Just to set the record straight, I am not interested in downloading paid apps and instllaing them free on the phones. To explain what is happening. My company bought the smart phones (Wildfire S & Sensation) and afterwards found the Wildfire had no office type software. The problem with the sensation is that it uses Android's calendar which is causing a problem as some people have customised reminders which occurr every first work day of the month. Somehow Android calendar app does not know how to interpret this and the alert pops up every day. So we found acalendar which fixed the problem and it is also free. HOwever this problem was only discovered after the phones were rolled out to customers.

    So essentially I am trying to figure out how to install these free apps onto the phones without creating a gmail account as this will enable users to send and receive e-mails from their phones using a gmail account which is not allowed. This will also open the market area for them to download apps which is another no no!

    Wehter the apps will receive updates or not doesn't matter to me as they will only be used to do document viewing when the users are at customer sites.

    I will look into the solutions posted here and reply when I get stuck.

    Thanks everyone for your help!

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