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Installing apps without the market

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  1. aleph0

    aleph0 New Member

    I have recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy android phone. I wish to install applications that I download legally from the internet.
    Here is the catch:
    I do not agree to the android-market licence agreement and have clicked on "decline". I only wish to install apps that I get elsewhere because I do not approve of the remote-kill clause in the market licence.

    All tutorials on how to install a downloaded app involve me first installing "app installer" from the market. That cannot be right. I cannot be forced to accept the market licence agreement in order to be able to install non market apps!

    Any suggestions on how I might get apps installed without ever clicking on "accept" on the market's licence agreement?

    I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. ANY suggestions welcome. I will not accept a remote kill switch. My files are my files!

    thank you all for reading, thinking and replying,


  2. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Well-Known Member

    From whatI can find on the internet, the kill switch is there to protect against "malicious apps or privacy violations". One example follows...

    Google Has a Remote Kill Switch For Android Apps - Android - Gizmodo

    My question would be, why did you buy the phone knowing this ?

    I really dont beleave Google or your phone company is going to do anything to your phone without good cause. Look at the uproar Google caused when they sent the c&d to Cyanogen. There are way to many people watching what they are doing.
  3. aleph0

    aleph0 New Member

    a) I could not know the licence agreement before it was displayed on the phone
    b) even if it's only "to stop malicious apps", this is a matter of principle

    c) I know that if I don't accept, I cannot use the market. However, apps coded by independent third parties? How can you stop me installing those? that's just wrong.


    PS did you read about 1984 and the Kindle?
  4. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Well-Known Member

    I understand what your saying.

    If you go into settings, applications, click unknown sources.

    From what I have found since I last posted, you can just download it from the site straight to your phone. Not 100% sure about it cuase I didnt do to much of a search.
  5. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    there are alternate market apps available but i think you need to download them from android market...or sideload them...but youll need an apps installer like apps installer or gphone manager...pretty much you need to download at least 1 app from googles market
  6. Matenrou

    Matenrou Well-Known Member

    Cant you install the app installer by using adb that comes with the sdk?
  7. cyberbob25

    cyberbob25 Well-Known Member

    You can use adb to install an application, but only if the phone is rooted. Kabbie is correct though in that you can download an android application using the on phone browser, and as long as you have the 'unknown sources' icon checked, you can install it straight from the downloads window.

    Alternatively, you can accomplish this same process if you copy the .apk file to your sd card, and use a file browser like astro to browse to it.
  8. aleph0

    aleph0 New Member

    Thanks everyone. You were correct.
    If I enable third party sources and the download the .apk directly from the on-phone browser I can install.

    I have installed software from androidfreeware.org and also I found an alternative to the market at slideme.org

    ....I am now exploring....

    thank you again fro your help!

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  9. johnmed3

    johnmed3 Member

    Hummm I' downloaded PDANET directly from the website, installed no problems. And I' don't have "appinstaller" Other than checking "allow unknown sources" .
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  10. Phyora

    Phyora Member

    If you have a copy of the apk you wish to install, you should be able to use the pc suite software to install the app. Also I am sure you dont need a rooted phone to use ADB to install an app.
  11. efahmy

    efahmy New Member

    Hi, everyone, I had a milestone without the market application and after frustrating attempts to find an alternative, I was lucky to find one through other forums.

    here is your starting gate to droid app. download SAM3, and here is the link:

    SlideME | Android Community and Application Marketplace

    open on your phone and download the sam3 application (don't need market for that), install it and start enjoying downloading and installing thousands of other applications on your droid.

    Best of luck to all.
  12. green21

    green21 New Member

    hello. i have the same problem. i bought my phone here in the middle east and i don't have android market on my phone (that really sucks big time!)

    so, i'll just download the apk file and install it as it is?
  13. green21

    green21 New Member

    thanks for the tip! i tried slideme and it works!!1 :D i have sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro. this should solve my problem. :D
  14. doak

    doak New Member

    Hi aleph0,

    After using your android phone for some time, do you realize any other drawbacks in respect to open and free software as well as your own software selection?
    Would you say your android phone does not break some of your principles? In case it does, which ones?

  15. Oh Loki

    Oh Loki New Member

    I much prefer the ideology of FOSDEM developers to the malware practitioners found in the 'free' section of the market!!!!

    ^^ To that end I use F-droid.org and its related application

    yes, adware IS malware


    android malware - Bing

    This among other SELF EVIDENT scenarios

    New Android malware texts premium-rate numbers - Computerworld

    demonstrate the NEED for a USER controlled applet that manages permissions for applications.

    default: DENY ALL

    the ******ed (mentally challenged) ideology of developers way or the highway to nowhere.. is not the only option for zeroroot phones
  16. bttledfedmr2

    bttledfedmr2 Member

    Any way to download app to your pc and load them on the phone from the PC? I am having a problem because I rooted and then factory reset and now somehow there is not browser on my phone. The market keeps getying a error at the end of every download so I can't get a single app on the phone. I'm thinking if I can somehow load a browser on the phone I can then do this. But my problem is how do I get a browser on the phone without currently having a browser.
  17. doctordawg

    doctordawg New Member

  18. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    You deleted the Metro browser and the market will not work without it. You need to go over to the Optimum M forum. This issue has been covered there in great detail. I think there are a couple different options now. It unfortunately is not as easy as just installing a browser however.

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