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Installing Device Driver Software ProblemSupport

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  1. xo.belle

    xo.belle New Member

    I'm really hoping someone could help me with this as I've been sitting here for ages.

    It first started out with me trying to put music on my SD card. I've had another phone that I had no problems with putting music on, I just stuck the card in my laptop, selected it, clicked on music and than started moving my songs from Itunes over.
    But when I put in my SD card I got with my Acer Liquid E no music folder came up and when I just tried to move music over it said something about a disk overwrite?

    So then onward to my next problem.
    My boyfriend has an Iphone and he said he just connects it to his laptop via his USB cord and moves his music from Itunes over.
    So when I connected my USB cord the first screen pops up and says, "Windows needs to install software for your Android HSUSB Device" and then gives me 3 options
    1. Locate and install
    2. Ask me again
    3. Don't show this message again
    I click the first one and it says installing device driver software but a few minutes later a screen pops up saying insert the disc that came with the device.
    Now I have a disc the phone came with, is this the disc I need? Because when I put it in it says could not found driver software for your device.

    If anyone could help it'd be appreciated!

  2. xo.belle

    xo.belle New Member

    I've figured out the device problem but I'm still having problems putting songs on the phone.

    I have two SD cards and neither of them are working. Everytime I try and move a song over from my Itunes playlist to under the music folder under the SD card it says Disk over write protection or something along those lines.
    The guy at Rogers told me go through my phone, and select format SD card which I did but it still doesn't work.
    Any suggestions?
  3. grizzlepaw

    grizzlepaw New Member

    Do you have a second desktop or a laptop to try and connect the phone to? I have a laptop, and the file transfer is as expected(it mounts the SD card), but when i connect the phone to my desktop it doesn't connect properly (it mounts the phone file system instead of the SD card.)

    Also be sure to go into the notifications in your phone after you plug in the USB and agree to mount the SD card.

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