Installing Fonts/Languages?

  1. donb2010

    donb2010 Active Member

    Why does Android make it so hard to install different fonts/languages? I've had Windows and Blackberry based phones with no problems installing fonts/languages. This is one of the main things I don't like about Android, I would think if they(Android) want to be bigger than Windows or Blackberry worldwide and even take on Apple, this issue would have been corrected by now. I mean there are people who can read and write languages besides english and spanish and no I'm not talking about third party apps you can get in the marketplace or the web, I'm talking about fonts/languages that are available from Android themselves. Windows, Blackberry and Apple all have fonts/languages packs that are directly from them, not just third party developers. I don't know, am I the only one that feels strongly about this?:confused:

  2. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    umm, i guess this is a concern for some people but android is just an opensource os, blame the oems who make the phones for not including more language packs.

    and if you are rooted (well if you have clockwork recovery) you can flash as many font packs as you desire :)

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