Installing GFE on a rooted phone.

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    Got an issue... I brough my pro on eBay, an unlocked Verizon phone. It work fine in europe and have no issue at all.

    The phone is rooted and contain tools like Droid X Bootstrap, Root, Superuser (came like this from eBay).

    Now I am trying to install Good For Enterprise and it lock as it find the phone rooted. So question is how to un-root the phone ? I don't need the fancy apps and all so I don't care if I can't re-root but I don't want to relock the phone as well. Vendor say that factory reset will work and won't relock but I am a little afraid to try that.

    Any help appreciated.

    Note that I am a noob on this and even more clueless after reading this and lot of others forum on root/unroot bootstrap and all. :confused::confused:


  2. cafric

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    Got this solved by myself.

    Here is how I did,

    Downloaded aRoot, modified the unroot.bat executed it and made a factory reset of the phone (which was not working previously). And GFE installed without issue.

    For info here is the modified part of unroot I used (to replace what code is after the mount command :

    (note that I added also rename of the droid.ogg to avoid the horrible noise when starting the phone, it remained silent even after factory reset)

    Code (Text):
    1. ECHO Unrooting your device ...
    2. adb.exe shell rm /system/bin/su
    3. ECHO.
    4. ECHO Removing Superuser app ...
    5. adb.exe uninstall
    6. adb.exe shell rm /system/app/Superuser.apk
    7. adb.exe shell mv /system/media/droid.ogg /system/media/droid.bak
    8. adb.exe shell rm /data/local/tmp/psneuter
    9. ECHO.
    10. ECHO Cleaning up onclickroot mess ...
    11. adb.exe shell "find /system/xbin -type l | xargs rm"
    12. adb.exe shell rm /system/xbin/busybox
    13. ECHO.
    14. ECHO Rebooting ...
    15. adb.exe reboot
  3. cafric

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    And I don't consider myself a total noob on rooting/unrooting the pro anymore :D

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