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  1. juliusedward

    juliusedward Active Member

    Is there a way to install java apps in galaxy. I want to install ngpay.

  2. purplewakanda

    purplewakanda Well-Known Member

    There is an app called J2ME Runner. You can search the market for "J2ME".
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  3. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    Unless you install some sort of Java Machine (which I believe exists) for Android. Yes, native Android apps are also written in Java, but a different kind of Java.

    i was late )
  4. juliusedward

    juliusedward Active Member

    Thanks for the replies. I've installed ngpay using J2ME runner. But how do i give permissions to be able to access internet through ngpay.
  5. FadeFx

    FadeFx Well-Known Member

    this is a question you should ask the devs of j2me software
  6. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    doesn work... ngpay doesnt get downloaded at all for me... anyone else having this problem??
  7. Aflatoon

    Aflatoon New Member

    hii my website, its digichat site, samsung galaxy browser didnt support my site its say need java dooknet java requeir where can i get java for samsung galazy tab,
  8. tchkreddy

    tchkreddy New Member

  9. piper76825

    piper76825 Member

    I searched the market for J2ME and did not get J2ME runner as a result. Is it no longer available?
  10. dfares

    dfares New Member

    Any feedback from Samsung developers?
  11. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    About what???
    Except that the i7500 isn't supported anymore (for a long, long time).

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