Instamapper, how do I turn off AGPS so it will work on Verizon?

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  1. ninelivez

    ninelivez New Member

    I used Instamapper on my BB but had to disablr AGPS, now I have reinstalled it on my Motorola Droid and I cant get it to connect. I read when I had my BB Verizon does not allow the use of AGPS, but cant figure out hoe to turn it off in this app.

  2. ninelivez

    ninelivez New Member

  3. ninelivez

    ninelivez New Member

    Another try.
  4. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

    What's insta mapper?
  5. ninelivez

    ninelivez New Member

  6. Crude

    Crude Well-Known Member

    Well, from what I can tell verizon does use agps. When you open google maps without turning the gps on it locates via agps. It's possible insta mapper can't use agps. In which case I would try turning on gps and then launching the instamapper program. Unless there's a app in the market to turn on/off agps I know of no seting in the phone itself to change agps.

    There are other programs however with that functionality. try adyno
    aDyno v0.3 Beta1 Application for Android | Tools
  7. bloodyredmess

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  8. killscene

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    dude. trackstick is SO much better

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