Instead of showing H+, phone showing E?

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  1. GoTribe

    GoTribe New Member

    Does anyone know what it means when my phone shows E instead of the H+ up top? Is this roaming or 3G coverage? It appears to happen when I'm indoors at times. It also seems that data won't work when the E shows up. Sometimes the E has a check-mark underneath of it and sometimes not. I looked in the quick reference guide but it doesn't list the E and what it could mean...Thanks in advance!

  2. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    E = 2G Edge
    G = 3G
    H+ = 4G/HSPA+

    The check underneath means you are connected to a WiFi device. Whenever I am connected to WiFi I see the check under the H+.
  3. GoTribe

    GoTribe New Member

  4. Gforce083

    Gforce083 Well-Known Member

    The check mark does NOT mean you are on WiFi. The WiFi logo means you are on WiFi, the check mark underneath the Network Speed ID just means you have cell service. When the check mark turns into up and down arrows it means you are using mobile data.
  5. AvengerBB

    AvengerBB Well-Known Member

    G is 1G (less than EDGE).

    On this phone, H+ = 3G/4G and there's no way to tell really

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