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  1. dano955

    dano955 New Member

    I purchase my first smartphone, a used Samsung Huawel H866c, to grt familier with before i purchased a samsung Galaxy. Now my problem is that i purchase a Honda Goldwing Theme, amd after i had it downloaded i have the understanding now that i have to get 91 pandahome for it to work proper, but when i do i get an insufficient memory storage error. can some one explain and how can i fix. i know i have enough memory but i do not know about insuffieient

  2. yackovsky

    yackovsky Active Member

    it means you don't have enough memory... uninstall few unnecessary apps :D
  3. Dr3amAth3m3

    Dr3amAth3m3 Active Member

    Like Yackovsky said, uninstall unnecessary apps. Also, make sure you're not saving text messages. Photos and other attachments can take up memory.

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