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  1. ackalbo

    ackalbo Member

    Hi guys and gals :)

    I'm running 4.1.2 with Siyah 1.9.1 on a rooted I9300 S3. I have had this phone for a couple of weeks now and have had no issue whatsoever until now for some reason.

    I am trying to install Titanium Pro (after an uninstall) and however I try to install the apk (either via Play or SD Card) I receive a Low Memory warning or insufficient space error........yet I only have maybe 15-20 apps installed and my internal memory still has 8.8Gbs and my SD still has 14.67Gb on it.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    I did look at the other threads regarding this (albeit different phone models).

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated....Many Thanks.

    ***Fixed it! Deleted the Titanium Backup .odex file from Data/App and all was good after that***

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  2. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    Yea this has happened to me too, i'd also like to know.
  3. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Try going into Settings>Application manager. Move over to All. Scroll down to Google Play Store and select it. Now Clear cache, Clear data and force stop. Now go back and scroll down to Google Services Framework and Clear cache, Clear data. Go back to the Home screen and see if you can us Google Play. Hope this works for you.
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  4. Rodin10

    Rodin10 Active Member

    Exact same thing happened to me with my LG Optimus 2X speed, had to reset the phone :(

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