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  1. hello101

    hello101 Member

    Hi guys,

    I am desperate for some help.
    I just bought t he galaxy s3 today and downloaded my contacts and pictures. But now the phone keeps saying that I have insufficient memory to install anything else!!

    I really dont know what to do. I was hoping I would get away from this problem by getting rid of the desire but this is worse than the desire!!

    I have a 32 gb card and the phione is 16gb.

    Please please can somebody help me! I really feel like crying just now!:(

  2. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    It would be more helpful if you could provide a screenshot of your storage page.

    From home screen
    Press options button (bottom left)
    Select settings
    Scroll down & select storage
    Swype side of hand over screen from left to right to take a screen shot & upload
  3. hello101

    hello101 Member

    thanks for replying.

    hope this works

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  4. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Ok, sounds like a bit of an odd one this but here are a few suggestions.

    If you have a micro sd adapter, remove the sd card, insert into the adapter, plug into a pc/laptop. Goto start > computer > right click on the drive and select properties. Check the drives file format, I believe it should be exfat.

    With the sd card back in your S3 you can try the unmouting option and then remount the card and see if that makes a difference. (via storage page in settings)

    If your confident that your sd card is blank or has little data on it, you could try to format it through the phone (again via storage page in settings)

    I would also recommend you try a firmware update (home screen, options, settings, scroll to bottom, about phone, and then software update)

    Lastly, you can try a factory reset, this has been k select nown to fix various issues, and could possibly work for you. (options, settings, backup & reset)

    Admittedly these mostly troubleshoot the sd card, with the exception of the firmware update, and phone reset, but that's about all I have for now, I hope someone else can shed more light for you.
  5. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    I know your phone is not a DX, but I had the same problem a year ago. Did the play store get an update?
    Market app install issues?
  6. hello101

    hello101 Member

    i ahve already reformatted the card and done a factory reset.

    So far I have tried installing a few other things including go sms which work fine.
    The problem is maybe handcent? whenever i try and install it , it comes up with insufficient memory.......
  7. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Ah, I believe having more than one aftermarket sms app may cause a conflict.

    Try backing up your gosms settings, then uninstalling the app, before trying to install handcent.
  8. hello101

    hello101 Member

    i have been trying to install handcent but gave up and then installed go sms? would that make a difference? its very wierd. I like go sms and am happy to stick with it but dont understand why its doing this...
  9. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    I don't either, but at least you have one alternative sms app. Good luck :)
  10. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    Your sd card is not being used, it has all it storage left. However, you still have 10gb left of internal storage, so you still have lots of space. You could try formating the sd card, but this wouldn't effect the internal storage. So, I would try a factory reset.

    EDIT. I have had both go sms and handecent installed at once, and have not had any problems.
  11. hello101

    hello101 Member

    thank you loads for trying to help!!
  12. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    Let us know if it doesn't get fixed, we'll try again.
  13. DaddyCee

    DaddyCee Well-Known Member

    i also have handcent installed a well as the default sms program with no problems apart from disabling the default program causing handcent to no longer send MMS.
  14. hello101

    hello101 Member

    well no luck....

    The phone is now saying insufficient storage for all applications......
    realy really frustrated!!
  15. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    When does the problem occur? When you try to download something from the Play Store? In that case, try downloading something remotely. Put your phone on Wi-fi. Then, using the computer, go to the desktop version of Google Play, log in, and then install something from there. If it works, then there's a problem with the Play Store on your device.

    I had the same issue, so I searched on Google, and they I actually solved it. They suggest you to use Lucky Patcher. Once installed, you need to go on "Option > More > Troubleshooting > Remove Fixes and backups" and then try again and see if you can download apps from the Play Shop.
  16. DaytonaZ33

    DaytonaZ33 Well-Known Member

    Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All (tab at top) -> Hit the menu key, and click sort by size.

    Give us a screenshot of that.
  17. hello101

    hello101 Member

    bit of an update.
    I did a factory reset then reinstalled my back up pro so I could get all my contacts back... same issue.

    I then did another factory reset and didnt install my back up far no issues....

  18. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

    With Backup Pro what/how did you restore? Did you do a blanket restore? Or id you try to restore specific items?

    Seems you have in effectively "copied" your issue from your Desire to the SGS3.
  19. hello101

    hello101 Member

    thats what my brother said and he prompted me to stop using back up pro. I used to restore from the memory card with the desire but this time i did it from online. initially i did photos and contacts. then just contact.

    I went and chose the factory reset on the phone so wiped everything and started again. This time i managed to install handcent, go sms, (deleted handcent afte) and loads of other things so far.......:rolleyes:
  20. manasra

    manasra New Member

    i have samsung galaxy s2 i cant install any thing and i didnt have play stor in mobile when i install play store ( insufficient memory) what can i do for this problem plz help me :(

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