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  1. ckyou

    ckyou New Member

    Hi, please help !!

    After I root my wildfire and install the CyanogenMod I have the problem downloading app from android market.

    When I try to download app (any apps) from android market, an error message "Error while downloading (app name). There is insufficient space on the device." displayed.

    I check the Internal storage at my phone, it show that I have 123MB available space and total space is 175MB.

  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Hmm maybe you might need to re-flash your ROM, but save your backup for files and stuff via copy and paste to your computer or use MyBackup or other backup apps
    Dont do a nandroid backup because there isnt a point

    I'm running the same ROM as you as i havent had any problems so far
  3. silencecres

    silencecres New Member

    Hi All,

    I also have the same problem, unable to download a 32MB app from market due to " error while downloading.. there is insufficient space on the device" which it is not true I have morethen enough storage. I even send in my phone for re-service LOL...

    Solution to the above problem:

    Uninstall the new update for android market, and use the old version android market.
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  4. xFrozen

    xFrozen Member

    After days and days of trying various solutions that all failed, I finally found something that works! An app called MarketFix!
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  5. Android1010

    Android1010 New Member

    Brilliant..... such a simple fix, I was getting so angry. :)

  6. vishalvishwa

    vishalvishwa New Member

    rom manager > fix permissions.
    worked for me :D
  7. spiritualflow

    spiritualflow New Member

    I Downloaded this and it said I need ROOT access, does this mean I have to factory reset it or something?
  8. mightbesomeone

    mightbesomeone New Member

    I tried downloading market fix, but, it's telling me I don't have enough space to download IT.

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