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  1. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    Wondered if anyone can help. Every time I try to load a new app or even update one I get a message saying "insufficient storage" I have only used 1GB and have 55GB free. Any advice welcome!

  2. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have a faulty device. I would exchange it for a new one.
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  3. Airs

    Airs Member

    Silly question but have you tried using the Task manager to clear your RAM cache? Just incase the message is referring to your random access memory being full.

    Apart from that you could try a system restore on the device or re-format the internal SD. All your apps would be backed up on google play store anyway and you could move other bits to a computer.

    If neither of those options work then id agree with Kuhns787 that you may have a faulty device.
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  4. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    You might be on to Something. When I go into task manager it says I am using 885 mb of a possible 1gb. Have tried stopping all but they all start up again within a few seconds. Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks
  5. Airs

    Airs Member

    That is a hefty amount of you RAM permantly in use at the moment. Stopping your apps with task manager doesn't actually clear you cache though as I have just found out trauling through my phone. You have to go into settings > apps > select the menu option whilst still in 'apps' > select cached apps (not running apps) and remove from there.

    This will be storing all the pieces of data such as last web page opened, where you paused a movie or song, last post viewed on facebook etc and if you look they all take up around 20mb each. If you only have around 150mb of RAM cache left this could be preventing you from Opening other apps.

    If this stil doesn't work then try the other 2 options I suggested.
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  6. 1500cc

    1500cc Well-Known Member

    20MB to store where you last paused a song or what Facebook page you last viewed? Some sloppy programming going on there or something.

    Wouldn't a simple reboot clear all that stuff out too?
  7. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for the advice to all. I think I have found the problem, in case it is of any help to anyone else. I was using my back up pro on my old desire and thought I would populate my new One X+ using the back up i made on my old phone. It seems that all the apks and photos and music went to the wrong place (apologies for my lack of tech terms!). When I connected the phone to a pc I couldn't find any of the imported items in any of the folders so I assume they went some place else which I couldn't view. I did a factory reset, then added all apps individually from Google. I then added photos and music via the pc. Then I used the saved settings from the my back up pro to restore contacts, and put the apps back on the screens in the same order as on the old phone. All rather long-winded. But phone now works.
  8. KidKobun

    KidKobun Member

    Here's what I see on my One X+.
    How does that amount to 756MB?!

    I'm beginning to think this was a poor purchase decision as the phone feels so rushed.

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  9. Hjortron

    Hjortron Active Member

    Is that all it shows, or is there more if you scroll down? Is it still behaving like this?

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