Insufficient Storage With A Lot of Memory

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  1. Exbruce

    Exbruce Well-Known Member

    Having a problem with this phone when downloading apps from the play store. The phone constantly says insufficient storage even though I obviously have enough memory.. If anyone also knows the way to save apps to sd and can provide me with the way to do that, that would be greatly apprecitated

  2. brosenfeld

    brosenfeld Member

    There is an earlier thread covering this, though not all of us, myself included, were able to get it to work. I'm using FolderMount and Link2SD on mine. If you go down that route, you will need to partition your sd card, otherwise Link2SD will not work.
  3. Orthuvas

    Orthuvas Well-Known Member

    Post a screenshot of the storage page in settings please
  4. Exbruce

    Exbruce Well-Known Member


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