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  1. robinbrum

    robinbrum New Member

    Hello all,

    I am a relative newbie to the Android scene so I am just getting used to how everything works. I recently rooted my Huawei Ascend g300 after being told of all the supposed benefits this brings. However, I have yet to notice any difference in the way the phone operates and its overall performance is no better than it was before.

    The main problem I have is constantly being told I have insufficient storage. This means I can no longer download apps from the Google Play store, can

  2. TheDroidYALF

    TheDroidYALF New Member

    Did you move all the apps you downloaded to the SD card? Even if you set the SD card as default for storage, all downloaded apps are installed in the internal memory. Press the menu button when you are on the homepage to go to the app manager. You will need to check all the apps to see if they can be moved (not all apps can be moved, but this should help).
  3. robinbrum

    robinbrum New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I did as you suggested and installed App2SD utility which certainly helped at first as I had no idea there were apps still on the internal storage. However the problem soon returned and I have no idea what is taking up up so much room although a lot of it appears to be bloatware that I can not get rid of, despite the fact that my phone is rooted. Getting quite frustrated as the device is getting slower and slower and is prone to randomly crashing. If I reset it I know it will work fine to begin with then the problem will start again. Really don't know what to do...

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